Friday, January 26, 2018

PCA Papillon Club of America

Meet The Breed Booth 2017

Orlando_Orange County Convention Center


BINDI at the PCA Booth

Parasol Grace of Giselle

 Parasol Grace of Giselle

Thrilled New Owners, Linda and Chris Sewall of Chesapeake, VA 23322

Linda will be starting Obedience and Agility classes with Giselle

Linda’s Goal is to be a Team with Giselle doing Agility trials in VA.

Parasol Papillons wishes Linda & Giselle “GOOD LUCK” in their venture.



Parasol Dashing Lord Spencer

"Parasol Dashing Lord Spencer"

“Spencer"Has started Agility with his owner, Michelle Sherwood, & has won several Q’s.




FOXY has started Agility Training!

 "Parasol Foxy Lady”

Foxy"  has started AGILITY training with her Owner, Eileen Ewins 

 and will begin Agility Trials Spring, 2018



BINDI GOES HIGH IN TRIAL..and not just once...

 "Parasol Still This Girls On Fire"


  This little tiger, “Bindi” is doing great..High in Trial several times when only 2 papillons did this the whole day. She is beating more advanced pap in agility because 1) Bindi is fast naturally, and 2) Rita, is an advanced agility trainer/owner. Rita adores this girl!!!