About Us

Jardin Lightfoot Flutterby

Our Beginning

Buying our First papillon, Jardin Lightfoot Flutterby was serendipity. My late husband wanted a “small” dog. We had owned greyhounds. My husband, Andy was very ill, on peritoneal dialysis; I had to find this special dog for him.

After researching AKC toy breeds for 5 months online, we discussed the possibilities of 3 toy breeds we liked, best suited for our life style, (especially Andy.) I thought this toy breed would be “his dog” and decided the “papillon” would be the best choice.  Now I had to find that special small toy breed. I spoke with several dog friends and one called me about a month later. She saw an ad in the paper: Purebred papillons for sale; I called the number, spoke with a woman and I made an apt to visit her and this litter of four the next day.

The litter of 2 girls and 2 boys looked healthy, the couple was moving to GA to be with their son. I spotted a female who looked very nice, all were 6 weeks old and her price of $800.00 seemed reasonable. The litter was AKC registered Registration papers they would supply. 

After taking several pictures of the litter I drove home to show them to my husband. He did not care. He liked all of them.

I called the woman and to my dismay, the female I liked had just been sold. I told her to “reserve” the male I also liked. She agreed. I drove up a few days later, paid her, took the puppy home, and my husband fell in love with Jardin.


My husband lived almost 1 year afterwards, passed away in 2008. He had many special moments of pleasure walking Jardin in our driveway.  Jardin was the perfect dog as he sensed he had to be careful around him. No one could get my husband to walk, yet Jardin did; he is smart, has a wonderful temperament, and more important, made the last year of my husband’s life so much more comfortable.

 Jardin gave him something to look forward to each day, love, moments of laughter and a quality of unmeasured devotion.  


 AND THEN CAME KISMET..... our first purebred Papillon Show Girl! 


The Adorable Kismet

In 2008, my husband passed,  it was time to begin a new chapter.  Closing my art gallery seemed right, (had owned Artful Gardens Gallery for 7 years, meeting wonderful artists and people).... I wanted a new direction. Perhaps now I could look, purchase, own a Papillon to show in conformation classes. 

Staring this search online was not easy. Where does one begin? Websites advertising show quality Papillons told me differently; my artist’s eye did not agree with many I saw; making me wonder where are the discerning, quality breeders? I began a breeder’s list, looking up their websites, putting myself on their “waiting” lists. 

After making many inquiries, I was told by a few breeders, they had a wait list of interested people “waiting” for 3 years, and if I wanted a bitch, she had to be, would be, spayed before I bought it. I had wanted a bitch in the very beginning, but it seemed that now I would only get one, spayed. 

This information did not enlighten me.   I began to understand the world of the show dog and the ramifications of each side. Breeders are hopeful to find good owners for their prized offspring, who would live up to the contract, Yet without that breeder knowing you first hand, chances of my getting a real show quality papillon were  slim.  The more shows I attended, I sensed Papillon breeders were intensely protective of their show stock. 

I could get pet quality, no problem. That was not what I wanted. The combined information of talking with breeders, attending shows and my own gut reaction told me to start again, look beyond, to foreign web sites; Canadian, Mexican, European, and It was not long before I just “happened upon” www.hopespringskennel.com

I will never forget the image of “Kismet” that appeared on my monitor. I knew at once this was a Papillon bitch I had dreamed of.

 Her geometric face markings and gaze seemed to glance out at the viewer with a wisdom far beyond. Somehow I I remember knowing I would eventually own her and laughed at myself. 

I contacted the breeder, was encouraged by her demeanor, impressed with her experience. We  agreed to get to know one another, through emails and calls.  We agreed to co-own and I bought “Kismet” in 2009.   

Sharon and her husband Dennis flew from Saskatoon, SK (Canada) to Tampa FL, flying thousands of miles to deliver Kismet to me personally.  This spoke volumes about the level of discernment involved in her decision to sell me Kismet. 

We met at their hotel in Tampa, I brought Jardin along to meet Kismet. We rode back  to Dade City, and I served lunch and got to know more about this wonderful couple.  We have forged a friendship and remain in contact.  
And that was the beginning of Parasol Papillons.   



Quest, My 2nd AKC Papillon…

Quest arrived from Hopesprings Kennel, on Feb 13, 2011. The Breeder; Sharon Hiebert and I agreed to co-own this lovely male puppy. A Texas Handler flew to Toronto to personally pick up Quest from the Airport, meet Sharon in person, pick up Quest and both flew back to Tampa, Fl.

Our plan to have Quest shown was a good one. I cuddled Quest Feb 14, the one day I had him, wished them both well and speed with success. Time passed and he won many of his puppy classes.

We entered Quest in Papillon Nationals in Chattanooga, Tenn. I needed to see and meet other papillon breeders, handlers, owners. Quest was entered in his age puppy class, and it did not take long to see he was small for his age group. I realized he was correct by the AKC standard; bite, topline, markings, straight legs, silky coat, and good movement, yet his size, being the smallest set him apart. 

The criteria at Nationals is high.... Ohh he was pretty, wonderful temperament, the checklist was all checked, except his size. At his age, he had grown as much as he would, and with heavy hearts, Sharon and I neutered, sold Quest to a wonderful forever home that loves him each and every day. He is happy.