Monday, August 23, 2021

Introducing ISOLDA



ISOLDA owned by Parasol Papillons and Chandi Heffner

Born:11/10/2020 Color: White & Sable
Breeder: Larisa Popova (Russia)
Owners: Dorothy Anderson & Chandi Heffner.
Shown on SUN, AUG 15th, 2021

Citrus Country Kennel Club show, Tampa FL, 

Shown in 9-12 month puppy class with Handler: Beth Gray


ISOLDA flew with a “Nanny” (Katerina) from Moscow to JFK, NYC (9 hrs). Nanny drove
a rental car to my home (S FL) with Isolda. (12 hrs). Isolda was a trooper,
arriving tired, a bit hungry, was fed and fell asleep in my bed,

First show: Heartland Dog Club of FL  THUR, AUG 12th, 2021
9-12 month puppy class/ Handler: Beth Gray / Judge: Mr Robert Hutton

8/12: Isolda entered the ring for her first time, a bit curious, her tail halfway up,
and relaxed more as she walked around the ring. Her first experience was positive.

Second show: Sarasota Kennel Club, SAT, AUG 14th
9-12 puppy class/Handler: Beth Gray/ Judge:Mrs Houston (Toddie) Clark

8/14: Isolda entered the ring with a smile on her face, her tail was up and she stacked
herself. She won her class, getting her First Blue Ribbon. She and Beth went back in for WB,
with Isolda stacking herself, lining up pretty well for The Judge.

Citrus Country Kennel Club, SUN, AUG 15th,
9-12 puppy class/Handler: Beth Gray/Judge: Mr Jon Cole

8/15: Isolda entered the ring smiling..she walked with her head parallel to the floor,
her top line straight as an arrow, her tail up and she moved with solid confidence. The
difference in 2 days was remarkable. I wish her co-owner had been present to see her,
but Chandi will receive ring photos of Isolda, thanks to the show photographer.



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